Our Services

We provide services wherein a concept is innovated and commercialized. Technology transfer includes a range of formal and informal co-operations between technology developers and technology seekers. Technology transfer at Techsol involves the transfer of knowledge and technical-knowhow as well as physical devices and equipment.

Research center specializing in the development of RF products. The EDC is not only a research center but also a fully equipped micro fabrication laboratory. We specialize in small, prototyping runs of devices or can provide a service on a device that you already possess, in-depth product research tools, expert advice and analysis, insights into industry trends, and hands-on how-to details.

We at TECHSOL have an in-house Manufacturing and Testing facility where our product designs are brought to life. At our Manufacturing Unit, our team of experts strives to manufacture products that meet international standards for quality and technology. Our testing unit is built with all the facilities required for the production of various precision electronic and electro-mechanical equipments. Our state-of-the-art Unit includes PCB assembly & testing area along with integration.