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Microsoft 365 Education: A Must-Have Tool for Teachers And Students 

With remote learning becoming an increasingly emerging trend, teachers, students, and other workers in educational institutions must have access to tools whether or not they are in school. And a cost-effective solution to access essential tools is Microsoft 365 Education. This solution is created specifically for education, equipping teachers to stimulate creativity and encourage teamwork while making virtual learning easier.

This Office 365 Educational License can greatly benefit educational institutions, and each package under this plan comes with various options. Let’s help you choose what works best for you!

What’s Included in Microsoft 365 Education?

Since Microsoft Education has different plans, you might be curious about what they include. Office 365 Educational License houses 3 different plans: Office 365 A1, Office 365 A3, and Office 365 A5.

Office 365 A1

Office 365 A1 is a basic plan. And it is available for free for both teachers and students. Although it’s free, most of the apps in A1 are only available online. Teachers and students can easily sign up for this plan using the institution’s address. However, since it is a basic plan, users might need advanced features which can only be enjoyed on the A3 and A5.

Office 365 A3

The A3 plan has advanced features that educators and learners can benefit from, making virtual teaching and learning easy and enjoyable. Compared to A1, the apps on A3 can be installed for quick access.

At Technology Solutions Worldwide, the cost of Office 365 for education is offered at a very affordable price. Take our Microsoft 365 A3 Faculty monthly subscription, for instance; we offer the subscription at $4.60 per user/month and  $55.20/per year. Compared to other pricings, we help you save over $10!

Office 365 A5

A5 has additional features compared to the A3 plan that also streamlines teaching and learning. Some of our A5 plan subscriptions include Office 365 A5 for Faculty, which costs $6.40 per user/month and $78 annually. Check out the features. We also have the Office 365 A5 for Students, which costs $4.80 per user/month and $57.60 annually. Check out our other subscription plans.

The features available within Office 365 academic plans have played a big role in education, and you can also benefit from them. Check out our subscriptions and get started with Microsoft Education today.

Here is a list of all education subscriptions available at Technology Solutions Worldwide:

Microsoft 365 A3 Education – Faculty (ANNUAL)

Microsoft 365 A3 Education – Students Security (ANNUAL)

Microsoft 365 A5 Education – Faculty (ANNUAL)

Microsoft 365 A5 Education Faculty Security (ANNUAL)

Office 365 A3 for Faculty (ANNUAL)

Office 365 A3 for Students (ANNUAL)

Office 365 A5 for Faculty (ANNUAL)

Office 365 A5 for Students (ANNUAL)

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As you start your Microsoft 365 Education journey, check out the various available subscriptions we have at Technology Solutions Worldwide. Buying an Office 365 Educational License allows you to take advantage of all tools needed to get tasks done easily and faster while making remote education worthwhile. Contact Us Today!