Volume Licensing – CSP Program
Microsoft Volume Licensing
Microsoft Volume licensing is Microsoft’s former platform for license distribution to businesses. Volume Licensing has now migrated to the Microsoft 365 admin center and is now called the Microsoft CSP Program. This means that all subscription and perpetual licenses can be accessed from the same platform. The same benefits and accessibility which comes with Volume Licensing is now available in the Microsoft CSP Program. No longer needing to keep track of the license keys manually or losing the keys once a machine has been lost, damaged, or stolen. Prior to volume licensing (now Microsoft CSP Program), all licenses purchased had to be upkept manually and Microsoft was not liable for any license keys which were unretrievable or if the client lost the license keys. The most common form of keeping track of the license keys bought in bulk was either a conventional spreadsheet or a KMS server which housed the keys for mass activation and distribution.
Microsoft Volume Licensing (now Microsoft CSP Program) has solved that issue. Now all keys are distributed and housed in an electronic vault. This electronic vault is called Microsoft 365 admin portal. The Microsoft 365 admin portal is accessible from any web browser to distribute the license keys. Within the Microsoft 365 admin portal, all clients are able to download the appropriate software for the licenses purchased, distribute and download the license keys, electronically retrieve license keys without physically touching the device, and share administrative roles within the Microsoft 365 admin portal.

The Microsoft 365 Admin portal houses the available perpetual licenses of the Microsoft product line which include Windows 10 Pro (Upgrade), Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows Server Standard, Windows Datacenter, SQL Server Standard, SQL Server Enterprise, Visio, Project, Visual Studio, Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Windows Server Essentials, Windows User CALs, Windows Remote Desktop User CALs, and Windows SQL Server User CALs. Unlike Volume Licensing, there is never a need to purchase Software Assurance because any licenses purchased through CSP is always up-to-date.

An exception to the Microsoft CSP Program is Windows 10 for new installs. All Windows 10 licenses are only able to be purchased via legacy procedures. This means these licenses have to purchased under the retail umbrella. These licenses will have to be upkept and maintained by the client. Microsoft does not hold records or is responsible for these license keys. They are also not able to be stored or distributed via the Microsoft CSP Program.

The Microsoft CSP Program has changed the way licensing is utilized and managed. Being that Microsoft is the number one computer software supplier and manufacturer, this innovative solution is one of the most sought after solutions around the world. Get a discount on these licenses through Technology Solutions Worldwide as we apply our Microsoft partner discount to all our products and services that we provide our clients.