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How To Prevent Cloud Security Breach

The cloud, quite frankly put as Microsoft Data Centers, houses the cloud platform many organizations are transferring their data into. Microsoft believes in security being at the forefront of these powerhouse servers to keep data integrity at its all-time high. Microsoft guarantees a 99.98 percent uptime and data availability, including the integrity of the data being stored and accessed. This reliability and security set industry standards across the board with many competitors.

What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security is designed to protect the cloud-based system. This includes maintaining data security and privacy across web-based platforms. The technologies, procedures, and practices fashioned to safeguard cloud storage, cloud-based apps, and data constitute Cloud Security.

As businesses implement digital transformation agendas and integrate cloud-based tools and services into their infrastructure, the need for Cloud security becomes more paramount.

Microsoft Cloud Security Solutions 

With Cloud Security defined, let’s consider some of the Microsoft cloud security solutions offered at Technology Solutions Worldwide.

Microsoft Cloud App Security 

With MS cloud app security, businesses can secure all clouds and all platforms, such as protecting Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms. It also allows a business to get leading integrated security tools that help prevent, detect, and respond to attacks with built-in unified experiences and end-to-end XDR capabilities. Another part of this plan is that it helps your security operations team resolve threats faster with AI, automation, and expertise. And it stops ransomware by creating a response plan to prevent and respond to pervasive threats like human-operated and commodity ransomware. We offer this cloud security plan at $2.80 per user/month and $33.60 annually. Compared to other prices, this is $9 less.

Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Microsoft AIP at Technology Solutions Worldwide is offered at $19.20 annually.

Microsoft AIP is a cloud-based solution that enables organizations to discover, classify, and protect documents and emails by applying labels to content. AIP is part of the Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) solution and extends the labeling and classification functionality provided by Microsoft 365.

Microsoft Defender For Cloud Apps

This tool helps identify and combat cyber threats across your cloud services with Defender for Cloud Apps, a cloud access security broker (CASB) solution that provides multifunction visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics.

Other security products, such as Azure Security Center, Endpoint Manager, and SCCM, also help secure Microsoft’s title as one of the most secure cloud solutions. The latest in cutting-edge technology is being offered to Microsoft clients not just as an add-on but as a standard.

Other cloud security solutions at Technology Solutions Worldwide include:

Get Started With Cloud Security!

Microsoft’s best practices allow certified and experienced partners such as Technology Solutions Worldwide to ensure data integrity and performance using the various Microsoft products. Never compromise quality data storage and access for cost. Technology Solutions Worldwide has bridged that gap by offering the greatest discounts on licensing from 25%-50% off MSRP, then layering it with outstanding implementation and support team members.