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Enjoy the Office 365 Government Plans

The Microsoft Office 365 Government plans were developed to meet the requirements of governmental organizations particularly. These plans offer all of Office 365’s features and functionalities in a different cloud environment, enabling businesses to follow U.S. security rules and standards.

Technology Solutions Worldwide offers Office 365 Government Plans to qualified government organizations such as the U.S. Federal, State, Local, and territorial government entities. Other eligible parties that manage data for government needs also enjoy these plans. Government-authorized parties are qualified to use MS Office 365 Government Plans. These Government plans are unique as the data generated using their components is solely housed in U.S. data centers and separated from commercial plans. This reduces the likelihood of breaches and gives organizations a safe way to manage their data.

What is Microsoft 365 GCC?

Microsoft Government Community Cloud(GCC) is a government version of the commercial environment, the conventional Microsoft 365 cloud environment. Although they have similar features, GCC focuses mainly on government-related services. Also, for GCC, fedRAMP Moderate requires only using data locations based in the Continental United States (CONUS).

Let’s check out some of the available Government plans at Technology Solutions Worldwide.

Azure Information Protection (AIP) Premium P2 – Government (ANNUAL)

Azure Information Protection unified labeling is available for GCC, GCC High, and DoD customers.

Designed to serve as a general overview of what Azure Information Protection Premium offers in high-level GCC and DoD environments, the Government Service Description will cover feature variations compared to Azure Information Protection Premium commercial versions.

Office 365 GCC G1

This plan offers all the features of Office 365 Enterprise E1, although it is hosted in a different and safe environment. It also includes compliance features that satisfy government customers’ needs.

This plan has all the features contained in the Exchange Online Government plan 1. It features H.D. video conferencing, cloud file storage and sharing, intranet and team sites, online meetings, and instant messaging. You can also select some additional services. At Technology Solutions Worldwide, we offer this plan at $6.40 per user/month and $76.80 for an annual subscription. We help you save over $15!

Office 365 GCC G3

Like G1, Office 365 GCC G3 offers all the features hosted in a different safe environment. This plan is an upgraded version of G1; therefore, it contains all the features in G1 and additional functions like Office applications, hosted voicemail with an automatic attendant, self-service business intelligence, 365 message encryption, and a discovery tool. It also features unlimited cloud storage, a 100 GB mailbox, email, calendar Compliance security services, and others. Let us give you the best deal for Office 365 Government Plans.

Office 365 GCC G5

G5 is also an upgraded version of G3. Hence, it has all the features of G3 and others like Skype for business servers to improve communication, Exchange Online Threat Protection, and Personal and organizational analytics, among others.

We have the G5 available at $28 per user/month and $336 annually. At Technology Solutions Worldwide, we provide affordable subscriptions.

When you compare Office 365 Government Plans, you’ll notice the difference between the pricing and the features.

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