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Apple is known to be one of the world’s most coveted and renowned products on the market. Apple’s signature is simplicity echoed by advanced technology, then brought together by a unique user experience. The Apple slogan “Think Different” is their out of the box way of delivering the best technology above the rising competition from other computer hardware manufacturers. Apple has the experience of failing and trying again, which makes them able to sustain their long-lived success as a top brand company.

Since the era of Steve Jobs, Apple has managed to not only maintain the standard of their founder, but also to surpass expectations. Their latest innovations which have yet to hit the market are a buzz all over the world from the mere mention of the line introducing something new. 

For this reason Apple has a “die-hard” following which some say curbs the market to their advantage. Apple’s customer service is by far above industry standard with the personal touch in Apple stores, to great warranty on all their products to not only replace with band new products, but to also ensure that any replacement is equal to that of a brand new one.

The Apple line up of products has diversified over the years to include the following products:

iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X which is now known to be the greatest invention to be bestowed by Apple to the consumer market. With its sleek design, edge to edge chasse , and advanced CPU, this phone has taken the market by speed, tenacity, and photographic characteristics. The iPhone X has been long awaited and is Apple’s 10 year anniversary of the introduction of the iPhone to the consumer market. This phone now comes with up to 256GB of data storage which is the largest currently on the market.

iPad (now with Apple Pencil) and iPad Pro

The Apple iPad which has an inert ability to display the same applications, pixels for video/photo quality, and even the ability to make phone calls. The iPad is the go-to when it comes to tablet computing. The iPad has gone from a bulkier edition to a more sleek design with the ability to do comprehensive computing and multimedia functionality in the palm of the hand. The screens for the iPad go from 7.9 to 12.9 inches in size with cameras that capture images from 8MP to 12MP.  This is a truly must have for the business market for multifunctionality and mobility.

Macbook Pro

The Macbook which is top of the line when it comes to computing power of speed, graphics, integration, and performance. The most fluid feature of the Macbook is that it is capable of integrating seamlessly with the iPhone or iPad making collaboration and continuous work an ease. Many other manufacturers have tried to mimic this seemly transition state that Apple has mastered, but Apple has managed to keep their edge in this arena.   This power house comes with 8th generation intel 6-core and quad-core processors including 32 GB of memory to allow multifunctionality to work at ease.  Retina display with true tone technology is integrated in most Apple product currently being delivered. This product also comes in 13 or 15 inch models.

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