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Back then, hardly any brand made laptops that boasted 1TB of HDD, but today, with the introduction of 5K videos and larger-than-life megapixels in smartphones and DSLRs, the phrase “media file” has gone under some tremendous changes, modifications that you could directly feel from all the marketing ploys these firms have now come up with.

As such, the best laptops nowadays couldn’t be called as such if they’re not equipped with a 1TB HDD. Whether that feature simply gives you an extra needed space or that confidence you can brag about when that time comes, such specification can come in very handy especially if you’re a self-confessed media junkie.

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE is one such place where any techno geek will definitely find immense satisfaction in terms of laptops and screens.

If you’re on the hunt for the best laptop that will essentially cater to your multimedia needs, the ASUS VivoBook is the one to consider. As one of the variants of the famed VivoBook Max series, this version is powered by up to the 7th-generation Intel Core processor and is aided by the gaming-grade NVIDIA GeForce graphics, along with the exclusive Sonic Master audio and the ICEpower technology, ultimately developing a device that provides a masterful of audiovisuals within your reach.

The ASUS VivoBook Max is also equally an eye-candy. The stylish variant comes in a splash of expressive colors and textured finishes. Currently, the variant is retailed under five different hues: Silver Gradient, Chocolate Brown, Aqua Blue, Red, and White. All of which are finished with a modern, glossy look with metallic aspirations.

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