Hanson Robotics is at it again. With the unveiling of Sophia which is the world’s first robot to not only be completely Artificial Intelligence based, but also to be given its own citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Sophia has been taking the world by storm in demonstrating its ability to not only interact, but learn, and advance way beyond the dimensions of any other AI created. While Sophia is still developing and growing, Hanson Robotics has chosen not to limit themselves with only one brand recognition. Hanson Robotics has delved even deeper in the auto-assist tech with AI.

Hanson Robotics

Now Hanson Robotics has unveiled Grace. Grace is a robotic nurse. Grace is designed to be the perfect medical assistance for any hospital or healthcare facility. Grace can do basic medical reporting due to its sensors. Grace has the ability to get a patient’s temperature or check the pulse with its built in thermal camera. Think of how vital this information can be during COVID with detection and treatment to reduce the risk of medical staff being infected. It was because of the pandemic which is why Hanson Robotics shifted their focus into the medical field to provide assistance.

David Hanson

Grace can speak 3 different languages which are Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. These skills are critical for translation when needed. With the language integration Grace has integrated socializing and talk therapy skills. This puts Grace as more than just a diagnostic robot, but one that can be used to assist patients with speech therapy including nursing homes with being a friend for the elderly to speak with. There are countless benefits to the utilization of Grace as her skills and usefulness continues to expand.


Hanson Robotics and Awakening Health have partnered to do the reproduction and distribution of Grace. The plans are to start mass-production of Grace between August and September of 2021. With the mass production of Grace comes plans to deploy Grace to several locations in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Korea. Once manufacturing of the robot hits hundreds of thousands, the cost will begin to drive down. However, for now, the cost for the robot is at prime prices.


With Grace resemblance to a healthcare worker of Asian origins, Grace can make 40 different facial gestures to assist with expression. This increases the interpersonal skills and the interaction level that Grace is able to achieve by speaking to patients in person. Grace can answer a plethora of questions on the spot and is constantly learning while diagnosing patients. Multitasking is one of the biggest challenges for healthcare workers as they are having to deal with multiple patient issues at the same time. Grace has proven that with the AI abilities built-in, it can seamlessly handle multiple patients while diagnosing at the same time. This information assists doctors with rapid and precise treatment.


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