Juniper’s Networking Equipments

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No matter how big or small a business is IT is very important for the success of such a business. The importance of IT infrastructure for business cannot be underestimated nowadays. As more and more businesses prefer to transact business through online means, every smaller business owners are compelled to make more investment in computer systems.

Today’s age of modern communication require businesses to talk remotely across states, nations, and shores and this is where networking tools and components come into play. Consequently, for that kind of communication to happen, servers and computers need to be connected to each other. This time interaction connectivity can happen at the speed of light for businesses. There are many known brand names in the field of connectivity and networking. Juniper and Cisco are among the top leaders in the world networking market. They produce items like networking switches, power supplies, and transceivers.

Juniper has made steady gains in the world marketplace for some time. Even though Juniper is well worth considering as a technology choice, they are unlikely to displace Cisco any time soon. They are leading in the career direction. You will get to know why Juniper is better than its competition. In addition, you will know why Juniper is a better choice for users and for networking professionals.

The establishment of Juniper was in such a way to compete directly against Cisco. It was designed to chase away Cisco (which may not happen anytime soon). It was tagged a potential “Cisco Killer.” The killing of Cisco has not happened obviously. However, Juniper in conjunction with other networking vendors such as Huawei, HP Enterprise, and Arista represents a viable switching, routing, and security solution alternative to Cisco.

Before Juniper was tagged a potential “Cisco Killer”, there are various certification opportunities that came with it. Below are some of the reasons why you need to choose Juniper Networks based on the product and performance perspective:

  1. Top of the line products for switching, routing, and security
  2. Exceptional value for specific needs
  3. They have an open architecture
  4. Agility to stay at the leading edge
  5. Juniper is honest with all of its products

Juniper has a diverse variety of equipment available. They offer solutions to different networking problems. Some of their products are as follows:

Switching Products

These products are designed by Juniper to improve the economics of networking with cloud-grade, high-density Ethernet switching across your data network center, campus, and branch. Some of their switching products include:

  • EX Series Ethernet Switches – These are designed for the converged enterprise branch, data center and campuses for service providers. These switches address the growth of enterprise demands for unified communications, high availability and virtualization.
  • QFX Series Switches – These switches are designed to satisfy the needs of today’s most demanding enterprise and the environment of service data provider. They are high-performance and high-density platform, which is designed for end-of-row, top-of-rack, and spine-and-core aggression deployment.
  • Data Center Switching Architectures – They are switches designed by Junipers based on the high-performance, high-density platforms required to build innovative data centers of fabrics that scale to thousands of ports.

Router Products

Juniper has a wider range of scalable and secure routers for enterprise and service provider networks. Some of their routers are listed below:

  • MX Series 5G Universal Routing Platforms – This router is a robust router portfolio of SDN that provide industry-leading system density, capacity, and These routers have unparalleled longevity. They are key to digital transformation for cloud operators, service providers, and enterprises.
  • PTX Series Packet Transport Routers – These router series form the basics of the Converged Supercore. They provide performance, integration, optical transport, and elegant deployment. They support up to 100GbE in an environment with the energy of less than half a watt per Gbps.
  • CTP Series Circuit to Packet Platforms – They give time-division multiplexing (TDM) including both serial and analog circuit based applications. They provide a reliable and efficient access to different IP networks.
  • ACX Series Universal Metro Routers – They are MEF CE 2.0-compliant hardened routers. They are designed to address use cases of residential aggregation, business Ethernet services, mobile backhaul, small cell and industrial field area networks.
  • T4000 Core Router – This router is a true multiservice core system, which delivers reliable and flexible core backbone architecture to power a wide range of services over a common IP/MPLS infrastructure.


  • SRX Firewalls – These firewalls are high-performance firewalls with advanced, integrates threat intelligence. It is delivered based on the company’s most scalable and resilient platform. This series of firewalls set a new benchmarks with100GbE interface. They also feature Express Path technology, which enables up to 2-Tbps performance for the data
  • vSRX Firewalls – These firewalls are for private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud environments. They provide uncompromised effectiveness, flexibility, and
  • Next-Generation Firewall Services (NGFS) – Provides policy-based awareness and control over users, applications and content to stop advanced cyber threats. All these will be possible on a single device.

Juniper also offers products for advanced threat prevention. Some of these include advanced threat prevention appliance and Juniper sky advanced threat prevention. Some of their management products include Juno’s space management applications, Junos space network management platform, Junos Space SDK, cloud analytics engine, and Juniper sky enterprise. For future cloud era, Juniper provides SDN products with high performance, elasticity, and security. Some of these SDN products include contrail, NorthStar controller, WANDL IP/MPLSView, and NFX series network services platform.

In short, Juniper is the best provider of all network-based protectors. They also have Junos OS, which is an advanced network operating system for routing, security, and switching, both physical and virtual.

What’s the catch?

You may not know much about which networking vendor your employer chooses, but you can choose what certifications and skills to develop and pursue. Even if Cisco qualifications seem to get all the press, there is a shortage of certified Juniper specialists, which reflect in what the market is willing to pay.

There are several other networking products available by Juniper. All these products are designed to improve your networking experience and to keep on enjoying networking. All of these products are available here.

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