Once known Windows Azure is now known as Microsoft Azure which is a platform for public Cloud computing. The application enables a wide range of computing, analytics, cloud storage and also networking over cloud services. The application enables the user to pick up any from services and develop or even run any new or old application over the public cloud.

The way to use Microsoft Azure is first the customer or the business organization needs to subscribe to Azure. After taking the subscription they can access all the services that Azure has on their portal. Azure also gives services to the customer to save their databases in the cloud which also means virtual machines. Microsoft has provided different convenient options for customers from the basic, developer, standard, professional direct, and premier.

The services are provided for around two dozen of categories on Azure. These services include computing, and building applications for mobiles, sending notifications for the services, they have services that also support the development of web applications. Azure supports and provides massive cloud storage features for huge projects. You can secure and enable the security system of Azure, only the certified person who has the authorization and the encrypted keys will only be allowed to access the sensitive information on the cloud.

Azure is currently one of the major sources of providing public cloud service operators. Azure can also be used in the crucial part of building an application, which is testing of the application. Yes, Azure also has features for testing the development of the application building on web or mobile. You can also use the synchronization feature to keep your data safe. Any programming language is compatible with Azure, and this application also takes care of any hardware requirements just by using certain codes. Hence, if you are looking for the most compatible and convenient option for app development you should go for Azure.