Microsoft Licenses are important for every business. One should never opt for cheap open-source alternatives. Though they are costly, the advanced features and secure environment make Microsoft worth the investment. It is surely difficult to manage the licenses.

Consider the following things to make the management easy:

  • Pricing: Do you know about the Enterprise Agreement? In this, Microsoft provides the best deal and discount on licenses to organizations that have 500 or more devices and users. Before purchasing Microsoft Licenses, you must check out the latest deals.
  • Ability to upgrade: Make sure that you are able to upgrade the latest version of the software without paying anything extra. Upgradation to the latest version should never be a cumbersome task for enterprises. Note down this point before purchasing the Microsoft Licenses.
  • Decision-making policy of organization: The process of budget approval can play a major role in selecting the Microsoft Licenses. There are some organizations where it is easy to approve the budget because of the centralized purchasing system. In some organizations, decision-making is spread across individual business units.


  • Licensing Rules: If you are willing to purchase licenses, then you must check the rules that Microsoft sets from time to time. It is imperative to check the rules related to premiums.
  • Software Assurance: It provides tools and resources that can help the organization with technical support, training, technologies and rights, deployment planning services, and so on. You must see if the benefits offered by Software Assurance are worth the additional cost or not.


These were 5 major points that can be analyzed and evaluated by the organizations before getting Microsoft Licenses. It is a costly affair but it can improve operational efficiency significantly. If you are planning to get it and need assistance, Technology Solutions Worldwide is there to help you.