Dynamics 365 has plethora of modules. One of these modules widely used is customer service that allows its users to streamline many tasks. It gives way to personalized customer service with a 360-degree customer view, case and knowledge management, and also makes way for customer service to be visible. The latest update allows for showcasing performance with reports and dashboards. There are many big organizations who are making use of this customer centric product line. The big names include HP, Pandora Jewelry LLC, The Coca-Cola Company, Adobe Inc., and Visa Inc.

It is necessary that a business grows not only on the basis of scale, but also with regards to technological advancements. Such advancements may not be mandatory, but are in fact a necessity to survive the constantly evolving competition.

Clients which opt for Dynamics 365 Customer Service are assured that their interactivity and client pipeline is prepped for growth. Under case management, Dynamics 365 customer service covers merging of similar cases, reassigning a case, automatic case routing, key case information, and automatic case creation. When it comes to knowledge management, two things are covered. These are knowledge base search and knowledge base for agents and customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service makes various processes easier such as analytics and reporting. In these two, one can have easy access to reports and dashboards, customer voice (or feedback), customer sentiment analysis, and embedded intelligence. There are a lot of features and programs within Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Technology Solutions Worldwide provides extensive discounts on licenses. Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides a unified service desk along with Gamification. Both of these are beneficial in terms of providing a seamless experience and better performance.

At Technology Solutions Worldwide, our clients get all the above mentioned benefits and more with a package recommended by our experts. Our clients enjoy discounted prices from our platform that caters to business needs that lead up growth.