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Our dictionary includes some of the most asked-about terms Microsoft 365 business essentials, to make your life easy.


Here’s A Look at our Glossary of Terms

Batch Job

With your Microsoft 365 business premium subscription, a batch job refers to a group of transactions that should be processed in a batch, and they can run at specific schedules and frequency.

A good example would be invoice processing that’s usually done in batches and takes all generated invoices and eligible orders before sending them.


Financial Dimension

The financial dimensions refer to a classification mode for financial data in Dynamics. Financial dimensions are based on locations, activities, products, and customers/vendors.

Financial dimensions are usually used in financial reports.


Item Group

For a Microsoft license reseller, item groups usually define how items can be accounted for financially. In the groups, you should be able to specify the items and the financial transactions for those items.

The accounts could be the cost of goods delivered, sales, cost of goods purchased, cost of goods sold, inventory issued, materials received, etc.



Any document you post in the Office 365 business essentials is known as a journal. This can however be counterintuitive for any user who is accustomed to using other types of accounting systems.

For example, there are people who use packing slip journals, payment journals, or general ledger journals.


Legal Entity

In terms of O-365 licenses, a legal entity is your business. Some implementations however have multiple legal entities and it all depends on how you would wish to report on your business.

Please note that the use of different entities for your Microsoft volume licensing will make it hard to include all of them in a single sales order.



Load, for a Microsoft licensed reseller, refers to how you can sort picklists in your wave, in order to get your work effectively organized. There are several options when it comes to loading that can be used for configuring and you should collaborate with your partner in order to determine the most efficient configurations for you.



The module contains all of the functional configuration, data, and reports for a specific area within the system. The specific roles are used to define the modules for each worker to access.



Organization in Office 365 essentials represents things such as individual brands. For this, there should be at least one organization in the system. However, there can also be several organizations, but only one legal entity.


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