Google workspace and Office 365 are the most prominent providers of applications for word processing, presentations and spreadsheet calculations. Because of that, anyone in need of reliable productivity suites could have a tough time deciding what the best is between Google Workspace vs. Office 365. Although Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 offer many similar tools, both have some distinctive features that distinguish them.


What You Should Know About The Google Workspace And The Microsoft 365

Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, and Office 365, now renamed Microsoft 365, offer various productivity tools for organizational and personal use. The services of both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace include communication, creation of documents, file management, etc. They are both rendered on a subscription basis.

Microsoft 365, however, offers several desktop applications, which, when installed on your computer and used, ease the stress of going online.


What Are The Differences Between Google Workspace And Office 365?

Offline And Online Applications

While Microsoft has desktop applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, One look, Access, and Publisher, which need no internet to run when installed on Windows machines, Google Workspace has this feature missing. It is not possible to access Workspace apps without a web browser. However, you can access a particular function through Google chrome by saving the files or documents offline in your email or documents, installing the Google Docs Chrome extension, enabling Gmail offline, and syncing your files. An awe-inspiring feature of Google Workspace is the ability of people to work together using Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.



There are no restrictions on using other email programs, but Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 have default email programs: Gmail (Google) and Outlook (Microsoft). Although Google Workspace falls short in providing sorting or grouping email functions, it still outshines Microsoft 365 with its outstanding search functions and availability of third-party apps to facilitate effectiveness, amongst other functions. Unlike Google Workspace, Microsoft provides two variants of email programs: a browser-based and a desktop version which makes sorting and managing email generally easier.


Another significant difference between Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 is the storage. Google provides storage ranging from 30GB to unlimited storage, depending on the package/edition you sign up for. Whereas Microsoft 365 includes storage of 1TB for its users, which is even more attractive than Google.



Both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 are indeed very secure platforms. Still, Microsoft’s use of multi-factor authentication provides an even more secure platform than Google Workspace, which employs two-factor verification for protection and security. Though advantageous, access to a third-party application by Google Workspace may pose a threat to the user when access is granted during usage.



Microsoft Team vs. Google Meet

Both Microsoft Team and Google Meet offer real good functions. Still, Microsoft seems to be explicitly built for business with a wider range of collaborating apps and access to host up to 300 participants and other advanced features, which are generally more favorable than Google Meet.


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