It’s no news that many remote workers are using Microsoft 365 Business Premium as a Server Message Block (SMB) protocol for client-server communication. The integrated solutions utilize cloud-based productivity apps and optimized security to secure businesses against cyber threats. From increasing profitability to advanced security features, there are many perks to using Microsoft office 365 Premium for business. This article explores the features and benefits of Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

What Are The Features of Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Below are features to enjoy when you adopt Microsoft Office 365 premium for business.

Advanced security features: With cybercrimes increasing, there’s a need to safeguard your data and devices. Microsoft 365 Business is pre-installed with security capabilities like Microsoft Defender Office 365 Plan 1, Microsoft Defender for Business, etc. This software protects against phishing attacks, viruses, spam, and malware. They also use multifactor authentication and self-service password reset to secure vital information and data.

Productivity and collaboration tools: Microsoft 365 Business Premium comes with the latest version of Excel, Word, OneNote, Publisher, and PowerPoint. This allows real-time co-authoring, enabling many users to work on the same document simultaneously. With these tools, users can access files from anywhere in the world. This supports teamwork and productivity.

Easy subscription switch: Switching to Microsoft 365 Business on the cloud marketplace requires no reinstallation or updates. Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about renewal costs. Overall, Window 365 Business Premium Subscription enables you to evaluate IT costs.

Improved data protection: Microsoft Office 365 Premium for business is integrated with Microsoft Defender to protect business data. It helps control access to sensitive information by encryption. The cloud-based solution encrypts information so you don’t accidentally share it with unauthorized persons. In addition, devices connected to your business are safeguarded.

Streamlined communication tools: Microsoft Teams is the communication platform for Microsoft 365. Teams support chats, video conferencing, and meetings. You can host online meetings that can accommodate up to 300 people and share information among your team through the platform. This helps build teamwork and cooperation.


Who should use Microsoft 365 Business Premium?

Microsoft Office 365 premium for business is designed for small and medium businesses with little or no IT resources. The software offers cloud file storage, collaborative tools, and optimized security features that boost business success. Furthermore, the cloud-based security solution is easy to set up without requiring prior IT knowledge. Perhaps you have difficulty with your setup; Microsoft Support is readily available to handle setup issues and other related problems.


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