As the world is evolving, so is everything situated in it. Technology, sciences, and businesses are experiencing global growth as never before. This realization has led individuals and groups of people of a company, technical expertise, or societal groups to change the way and mannerism of doing things.

In line with global growth, companies and small and medium-sized enterprises are now evolving toward advanced methods of operation like the cloud-based system.

Microsoft is making things easier by accompanying these small and medium-sized enterprises in their journey towards technological advancements. The new Microsoft 365 business voice has unique attributes tailored to the needs of business owners. Here is a detailed analysis of a Microsoft 365 Business voice.


What is Microsoft Business Voice?

The Microsoft 365 business voice is a cloud-based telephone system that offers phone system operations for businesses like call forwarding, call queues, auto attendants, Call Park, audio conferencing, and calling plans. These operations make it easier for small-scale industries and companies to attend to their customer’s needs in a well-organized manner.

The Microsoft business voice allows users to transfer calls from switched telephones in Microsoft teams. It can be a part of a monthly or annual subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

Interestingly, the cloud-based feature of the Microsoft 365 Business voice makes it worthwhile for businesses to have. In addition, there is no additional need for external hardware storage, as all contents can be directly accessed on Microsoft’s universal storage place; clouds.


Features of Microsoft business voice

Microsoft business voice design has spectacular features that make it a perfect fit for Business activities and deals. Features such as;

  • Identify local numbers with Caller ID, auto-attendant parts, call routing, call queues, and call delegation.
  • Multilingual Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature, Domestic and International calling plan
  • Audio Conferencing and standard calling policy


Benefits Of Using Microsoft Business Voice

The Microsoft business voice feature has many benefits for carrying out business operations. Here, we are going to state a few;

  • It works regardless of location; it can be connected and works from anywhere.
  • It’s an auto-attendant feature that makes it simple to receive inbound calls and transfer them to the calling Queue if necessary.
  • Microsoft’s business voice has high security and privacy, just like other Microsoft tools. Hence, your privacy is never compromised.
  • Provides flexibility to meetings with its audio conferencing feature
  • It makes it possible to connect with partner compliance solutions with its Cloud compliance feature easily.

Switch it up!

Switch your business up with the Microsoft 365 Business Voice. Luckily, Technology Solutions Worldwide can help you in that regard. As a certified Microsoft partner, we provide solutions for all business levels. Contact us today for your Microsoft needs and licensing.