The Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider or CSP program is one that allows partners to manage their whole Microsoft cloud customer lifecycle. This program is ever evolving and ensures to grow the people who are attached to it as well. Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider is always in its stages of advancements which allow a user or a partner to get access to new cloud services, new capabilities or features, along with more markets that they can cover.

It is all in the hands of the partners to control the end to end customer lifecycle. This is enabled by the fact that the program allows the partners with billing services, direct provisions, and required support from Microsoft Cloud Services. The program is great in terms of letting the partners create offers on their own accord. This helps them in setting the prices as per their own calculations and estimations. The partners can own the billing terms with their customers.

The partners who are a part of this program are given the facility to utilize all Microsoft in-product tools which they are dedicated for sustainability, agility, modernization, flexibility, and automation. This allows one to directly provision, support, and manage their customer subscriptions. When it comes to available packages, the partners can choose their own tools quite easily. They can also select from a range of products and services. After this, all they have to do is to combine these into a monthly or an annual customer bill, as per their convenience.

At Technology Solutions Worldwide, you get all the services you need for making an investment in Microsoft Cloud Solutions a fruitful one for yourself as well as your business. The program is also an advantageous one for the employees, making many business procedures fairly easy and seamless to keep a track of.