It is undeniable that the release of the new Microsoft defender for identity feature is excellent news, especially when it can be accessed easily in the Microsoft 365 defender portal. The Microsoft 365 defender portal provides protection, helps detect and investigate threat activity, and fortifies security across all account platforms. Hence, the release of Microsoft defender identity features has further enhanced the functionality of the Microsoft portal.


What Is The Microsoft Defender For Identity?

The Microsoft defender for identity is a cloud-based feature that provides security solutions. In addition, It helps to identify advanced threats to user activities and detect the possibility of a user identity being compromised.

Furthermore, the defender for identity protects the privacy of credentials stored by users in the cloud system, coupled with advanced monitoring of user activities by SecOp analysts and professionals to give users access to suspicious activities carried out by unidentified users. With upgrading this feature to the Microsoft defender portal, you can rest assured that your security across all networks is highly guaranteed.


How Can Microsoft Defender For Identity Be Accessed?

As part of the development of Microsoft’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) journey, the Microsoft defender for identity is incorporated into the Microsoft 365 defender portal. With the search button functionality, the defender for identity can be filtered out of the vast array of Microsoft security products, all working together for efficiency and a unified administration.

Users can enjoy maximum benefits from all combined Microsoft products working together or the products performing a stand-alone function by subscribing to the Microsoft bundles from a Microsoft license reseller.


Why Is It So Important?

With the continuous rise in cyber crimes, users need a dependable tool like the Microsoft Defender for identity that can secure all on-premises networks. It can be installed from the Microsoft 365 defender portal in easy steps.

Furthermore, you will need to buy the latest Microsoft Office version from any Microsoft license reseller before this updated feature can be available.


Defend Your Online Workspace!

One of the important ways to defend your online workspace is to get Microsoft Defender for identity. You can make a Microsoft one-time purchase or subscribe to the Microsoft defender portal for monthly or annual bundles.

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