End Point Manager

Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is the answer to all your data security worries. Microsoft Endpoint Manager includes Intune and other features that allow you to manage various devices such as; computers, mobile devices, servers, and virtual machines. By taking the modern approach, the Endpoint Manager is helping recently arising risks. Data security is increasingly becoming crucial, with undeniable tech growth. By incorporating services such as Microsoft Intune, Co-management, Windows Autopilot, and Configuration Manager, Endpoint Manager creates much-needed data security and convenience for all users.

5 Services You Will Get From Endpoint Manager

  • Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager is an on-premises service that solves all your management struggles. With Configuration Manager, you can manage and control the devices on your current network. With some integration to cloud services like Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and Azure Active Directory (AD), you can access great opportunities to respond to clients and other people in real-time and monitor and remediate any vulnerabilities on your device’s Apps quickly. Integrating with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint lets you keep your data and devices secure.

  • Microsoft Intune

Endpoint Manager includes Intune services which are all cloud-based, helping manage your mobile apps and devices remotely, thanks to its Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Manager services. You can protect your data even without device enrollment.

  • Desktop Analytics

Desktop Analytics is a great cloud-based service addition to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager that works perfectly with the Configuration Manager. The only significant difference is that Configuration Manager mainly works on-premises. Desktop Analytics offers knowledge on what is happening to your devices in terms of whether or not your clients are ready for updates. It is the perfect device for an organization because it provides the intelligence you need to make necessary security, device, and app updates. This Endpoint Manager service is necessary to keep your devices and applications current by updating them whenever needed. You also get to fix any drivers and app incompatibilities as soon they arise.

  • Windows Autopilot

If you have a new device and do not know what to do, Office 365 Support will help you set them up with the help of Windows Autopilot. This Endpoint Manager service helps pre-configure new devices, making the setup easy. Configuration Manager will help with more complex configurations, making your Windows journey with your devices super easy.

  • Co-management

Co-management is the perfect Endpoint Manager service for convenience. It works well with Configuration Manager to provide the opportunity to manage your devices on-premises and in the cloud. Using its cloud features, you can access and manage your tasks either on-premises or in the cloud with the help of Intune; something Office 365 Support can help you do. You do not have to pair it with Configuration Manager for easy device management; you can choose Intune to ensure great management of all your workload groups.

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