Most of our work be it related to academics or to the office requires a safe and secure platform that can be accessed anywhere. Then, what is better than Microsoft Subscriptions in such times. Subscription of Microsoft not only enables you with the up-to-date tools of productivity. In a subscription, you can get all versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. When it comes to convenient and up-to-date software they not only increase your performance as a businessman. It also has huge storage for saving your data and securing it. Around OneDrive cloud storage that is available after taking the subscription is 1TB.

One of the common threats in the modern times of virtual work is cyberattacks or cyber threats. In such scenarios, Microsoft has a robust plan and secure platform which will protect your data and will only give access to those who are authorized to use the application. By simply taking the subscription you can easily manage your data by keeping it encrypted according to your plan.

Sometimes we have seen the case where people accidentally share some of their important data but then there is not any step back to it. But, in this case, your data will be encrypted according to the subscription plan you take. Only those who are allowed to access the data will be able to open it. Subscription plans have multiple options, they have plans for families where up to 6 people can access them, then they have plans for offices, institutions, and so on. The charges completely depend on the plan and the specifications of the application as well. But, one of the many specifications is that you can access the document by any device which is the most convenient and likable feature by the users along with the easy collaboration.