Microsoft is one of most applications that is trusted and used globally. Hence, if you are looking for a lower price installation of Microsoft, then you should go for VOLUME LICENSING. And, most importantly at Technology Solutions Worldwide, you can get a discount on the license.

Volume licensing is taking the license and getting the full package of having access to multiple users and most importantly you don’t have to keep the license keys of every user. This saves you from chaotic and bulk key confusion. Also the user can also as per the agreement get the licensing of Microsoft for two or even three years. For using the software simultaneously in multiple devices at once, they have introduced volume licensing.

The multiple activation keys for every server are not required in this. However, a fixed number of installations is allowed and they must keep the key confidential. Volume licensing is mostly helpful in cases where the institution or company is requiring a license of the program for thousands of PCs or other devices. This is not only a flexible solution to manage the license of multiple users but also it is very affordable. According to the needs of your organization, you can purchase particular software.

Taking the license is way better than using any crack version which can also affect the security of your data. Once you have taken the license you can also ensure that the data is safe from any cyber threats or ransomware viruses. You can easily purchase Volume licensing of Microsoft by any partner of Microsoft. We are one such authorized partner working for years with millions of clients. Your final prices will be depending on your demands and according to the customization of software, you will as an organization need. We are here to help you, you can contact us for any further queries.