Customer Requirements

Understand Microsoft´s complex product licensing and how it needs to be reflected in the customer´s IT environment (on premise/cloud, hybrid scenarios)
Minimize legal risks and avoid under-/over licensing
Reduce software and support costs when negotiating Microsoft volume license agreements
We know what it takes to be an effective partner. And while many Microsoft licensing providers are downsizing their Microsoft licensing and support teams, TSW is bucking the trend by introducing more resources and expertise than ever before.
Get the right licensing experts in your corner to discover, evaluate and gain insights when determining the best Microsoft Licensing Program and the right licensing models to fit your organization. After all, Microsoft software licensing represents one of your largest IT decisions and spends.
With a team of experts on hand to review your contract terms and work through various licensing models, we act as trusted partners, offering consulting and strategic services to ensure your Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) or Enterprise Agreement (EA) contract is fully optimized to support your changing business needs.

Simplify and optimize licensing

Technology Solutions Worldwide for Microsoft Cloud can help you to build the hybrid IT you need to thrive. Applying the right licensing options will benefit you in a number of ways…
  • Ability to migrate current workloads to modern environments such as Public or Hybrid cloud
  • Choose flexible payment plans
  • Remove costs & risk for your current operation
  • Create innovative business services aligned to user requirements
  • Improve agility of IT to respond to business needs

Technology Solutions Worldwide

Create a more productive workplace
If you own a business and need multiple Microsoft product licenses in order to provide all of your employees with access to the programs and platforms they use on a daily basis, Microsoft volume licensing might be the perfect solution for your business needs. Microsoft volume licensing offers a cost-effective solution that allows businesses to copy a wide range of different software products onto multiple devices with a single Microsoft license key.
Microsoft licensing
Manage your applications with cloud services
As Microsoft licensing professionals, the team from Technology Solutions Worldwide uses Microsoft Azure (a collection of integrated cloud services) to build, deploy, and manage applications through a global network of data centers. Microsoft Azure provides businesses with the freedom to build and deploy the applications, tools, and frameworks for their choice, whenever it works best for them. As the most trusted cloud available, Azure provides a great solution for onsite computers to connect with hybrid cloud capabilities through the use of open source technology while still maintaining a rigorous methodology that focuses on providing a high level of security, privacy, compliance, and transparency.
Microsoft Azure