If you realize your business has outgrown the features of GoDaddy Microsoft 365 and you think it’s time you chose from Microsoft subscriptions, you’ve thought well. However, migrating from GoDaddy Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365 is not as easy as you thought. Although GoDaddy is a good fit for small businesses looking for an affordable and basic online presence, it loses pace in no time.

The Microsoft 365 version offered by GoDaddy is more expensive and is more like a summary of the actual Microsoft 365. So buying GoDaddy Microsoft 365 is like paying a high price for something less quality.

Also, Microsoft is not the host of GoDaddy, nor does it manage it. And since GoDaddy is meant for small businesses, you’ll outgrow the services GoDaddy provides as your business grows. Therefore, the need to switch to Microsoft subscriptions.


How To Migrate To Microsoft 365 From GoDaddy 365

Although not simple, migrating to Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy is not impossible. However, some basics need to be understood before proceeding with the migration process without creating a mess.

While trying to migrate to Microsoft 365 from GoDaddy 365, the following are issues that are likely to surface.

  • Although you can manage your migration using GoDaddy’s services and the provided detailed procedure, this approach necessitates canceling your GoDaddy Office 365 subscription to give the SMTP/custom domain afterward to receive PST files. This is not only a bad process but also a dangerous one that causes a lot of delay without any option for reversal if there happens to be a glitch.
  • The tools often required for a typical tenant-to-tenant migration are absent from the “limited” GoDaddy Admin interface.
  • If you request assistance, upgrading may be delayed, which might take hours or days, as GoDaddy’s regular workers are not all experienced with migrating from GoDaddy Microsoft 365 to Microsoft 365.
  • Making changes in your GoDaddy environment while the migration is in progress can cause migration errors, as the GoDaddy interface takes a while to detect such changes.


6 Steps To Mitigate GoDaddy Issues In Microsoft 365 Migrations

When migrating to Microsoft Subscription, there are usually some issues you might encounter, as mentioned earlier. But here are the steps to Mitigate GoDaddy Issues In Microsoft 365 Migrations.

  • In your GoDaddy account, create a new custom domain.
  • Continue migrating all Azure Active Directory users and groups on GoDaddy to Microsoft.
  • Migrate other OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams objects to Microsoft.
  • Deploy all mailboxes to the new custom domain so that Microsoft can take over the domain to be migrated.
  • At this point, you must know that the original SMTP domain’s federation cannot be deleted. So before things can transfer to Microsoft 365, you will have to contact GoDaddy support to arrange the removal. This is an escalation, and coordination may take several hours or even days.
  • After GoDaddy addresses the issue,  you can take control of the domain in Microsoft 365.

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