A Network monitor solution is required by every company for better network visibility and reduction of the downtime risk. It helps in improving the performance that leads to improvement in customer satisfaction.
We have listed out the top points that you must consider before purchasing a network monitor solution:
  • Determine the priorities
Understand what you want to monitor. For example, if your preference is to monitor the email server then, your decision can be based on several aspects such as monitoring uptime, alerting system, reporting functionality, ease of configuration, etc.
  • Support from the IT team
You must see the size of the IT team before getting a network monitor solution. A dedicated person is required who manages everything, examines reports, triggers incidents, and takes responsibility of everything.
  • Applicability of solution
The selected monitoring system should be compatible with different types of software and hardware. In the case of multiple sites and businesses, a network monitor solution should work at different locations.
  • External Support Level Agreements
Make sure that you understand the escalation system of the external support partner. They must be able in sync with the internal needs of an organization.
  • Hours customer help
There are many retailers and banks where customers need help at any time of the day. So, it is advisable to check about the availability of out-of-hours customer support.
  • Automatic configuration
Automation is very helpful in monitoring multiple sites. It makes the process time-saves and cost-effective. An ideal network monitoring solution should be able to discover and configure itself without any need of human efforts.
  • Customization
Different businesses have different requirements. It would be great if a monitoring solution can provide the scope of personalization according to different businesses.
So, these are certain things that you may consider before buying a network monitor solution. Still confused? Then, you must contact Technology Solutions Worldwide for the best support and assistance.