Today, Mobile Device Management support Globally is a commonly used term, although it took about ten years for mobile devices used by businesses to flourish. As businesses began to require more complex mobility and device management capabilities, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) became a mobility management solution.

EMM covers a complete set of mobile management solutions (including application, identity, and content management), while MDM is wholly focused on mobile devices and their security.

EMM is not suitable for Windows and Mac management because it is designed to manage applications and content on mobile devices, so Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) was soon developed, combining EMM and PC management functions in a Medium solution.

The advantages of using mobile device management

Higher security, efficiency, lower costs, and more control are particularly compelling benefits because MDM tools enable your organization to understand its devices. Some specific benefits include:

Remote user and device management

This seems to be an obvious benefit, but it should not be overlooked. Managing users and the devices they use remotely is invaluable, helping to ensure the health and safety of all mobile devices connected to the network.

Security Enhancement

The same organization-wide security protocols and procedures applicable to local PCs can be extended to all devices, including personal smartphones.

This means that there will be no loopholes in the security protocol because content such as identity management, access restrictions, password supervision, and blacklists will be extended to include mobile devices. Compliance When using the mobile device management service, the compliance plan can be tracked and monitored through a unified console.

Control device update

Delaying software updates is a mistake we sometimes make. However, too lax updates may endanger the entire network’s security because software updates and patches may leave vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit and access sensitive information.

With this feature, the mobile device management solution allows administrators to control and enforce required updates and easily apply system changes throughout the network.


Device Tracking

For some mobile device management solutions, you can choose to track devices based on the hardware available on the device to ensure that they remain in a specific safe location. In addition, MDM solutions can help organizations ensure the security of equipment and data by configuring locks.