As Windows 11 version 22H2 nears its mainstream release, Microsoft has released “guided simulations” of the latest version of Windows to help organizations and staff who might be hesitant to upgrade from stable Windows 10.

Windows 11 might be the future for the OS, but take up so far has been pretty gradual. Slow adoption is fine since Microsoft will support Windows 10 until October 2025, but Microsoft is trying to persuade enterprise customers that Windows 11 security enhancements make it worth upgrading – so long as their hardware meets the minimum requirements.

Windows 11 and subscriptions now together

Get Windows 10 or Windows 11 as a subscription and not just perpetual licenses.

After installing the major OS update that Microsoft rolled out this month, Windows 11 users should find a list called “Your Subscriptions” under Settings > Accounts > Your Microsoft Account. It offers information on subscriptions to services like Microsoft 365. Windows 11 and subscriptions now go hand in hand. 

The most significant addition to the Windows 11 update was support for Android apps, but it also improved the Taskbar and redesigned some apps, among other things.

Information for commercial and education customers

Windows 11 is tailor-made for today’s hybrid work and learning environments. It has modernized the overall user experience, while still maintaining a familiar feel. In fact, Windows 11 is built on the consistent, compatible and familiar Windows 10 foundation you know. You can plan for, prepare and deploy Windows 11 alongside Windows 10 using the same processes, policies and management applications. For new information about the latest features for commercial organizations, see Windows 11 available today to empower your hybrid workforce.

Widget panel – now part of Windows 11 Subscription

Windows 11 has a Widget panel, which shows you tiles for news, weather, stock quotes, sports scores, and more. It’s not entirely new since the News and Interests Taskbar popup that arrived in Windows 10 recently is exceedingly similar.  Recent updates made it even more similar, adding a weather indicator to the taskbar. In addition to Microsoft-produced first-party tiles in the Widgets panel, third-party developers will be able to offer content through Windows 11’s widgets later in 2022. Touch screen users can easily swipe in from the left to open them and you can full-screen the widget panel if you want a bigger view.