With the Corona Virus as an epidemic and reaching surmountable odds, damaging not only the livelihoods of citizens across the globe, but also the workforce. This has caused complete economic shut down across nations worldwide.

Where containment was once an option, it seems more along the lines of running its course before anyone can see a glimmer of hope towards a normal life again. Children are at home with no certain time for return to schools and grocery stores with long lines are being inundated with people trying to buy cleaning supplies, water, rice, and canned goods. It is times such as these that people try to use moderation in spending including their daily habits that are adjusted to accommodate this new way of life.

Virtualization which is now becoming the way of the world has now hit a new home front due to the virus epidemic. Where once businesses that did not or could not fathom the idea of working remotely are all now scrambling to get their staff working from home. This presents a problem within itself if your organization is not poised for such a drastic change. Microsoft has offered its hand in the mix for Office 365 which allows virtual business operations from Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, email through Outlook, and security features that allow everyone to work from just about anywhere. Their recent integration of Teams allows for the workforce to collaborate via video, voice, or even through conferencing and sharing documents via SharePoint.

Microsoft 365

Other Microsoft products which are taking like wild fire are Microsoft 365 which offers everything in Office 365 plus added security, mobile device management through InTune and also Server management through SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). If you are in the financial world, then you will find that Dynamics 365 offers everything from financial full blown ERP systems to CRM, encompassing Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Services, Supply Chain, and Retail – POS.

There are other tech companies that have their own flavor of virtualization, but Microsoft has definitely rose to the occasion by prepping businesses with their product line. Microsoft partner such as Technology Solutions Worldwide are certified Microsoft partners which can virtualize an entire workforce in a matter of hours. We offer up to 15 hours of Architectural work time for free during these trying times, plus an additional guaranteed 15-20% discount below MSRP with Microsoft and guaranteed pricing lower than any other CSP or MSP out there. Saving money is crucial in this time and time is of the essence to keep business moving meanwhile the world goes through this phase.

This time shall pass like every other time has. However, it is imperative for businesses and organizations to either be ahead of the curve or behind the curve when the economy and our way of life readjusts itself. The norm that was there in place before the Corona Virus is not the norm that will be there after the virus has gone. We all should be prepared and do our own due diligence in order to maintain or families, our business, educational institute, and government. Preparation and doing what is needed is key in order for us all to be successful and come out triumphant in what we do.