Enterprise architecture involves alignment of IT infrastructure with business goals while solution architecture involves designing and managing solutions for specific business issues. These architectures are essential for any organisation to grow and sustain in a smooth manner. For proper planning, designing and implementation of these architectures, professional and skilled architects are required.

The enterprise and solution architects at Technology Solutions Worldwide help businesses with their experience and well-planned strategies. Both these architectures work in synchronization with each other to yield maximum benefit and minimum waste. The main objective of the architects is to use the available resources in such a way that the IT infrastructure can be improved.

A systematic approach is followed by the team of experts to build an efficient and successful enterprise architecture and solution architecture for your business. Show your trust on these architects and get everything done on time and within the budget.

Process followed by the enterprise architectures at Technology Solutions Worldwide

The process starts with modeling the business architecture. The concept of layered business model is prepared by keeping all the factors in the mind such as people, applications and infrastructure services. ArchiMate Meta model helps the organization to understand the one or two page high level model in a much easier manner.

A service level agreement is prepared for the enterprise resources. The use of resources is defined in the contract to ensure optimization of usage rate. After this step, various steps are evaluated and further inputs are added for better organization architecture.

Then, the complete report is presented to the stakeholders of the company for approval. After this, the gaps in the infrastructure are determined and then the work starts to fill those gaps for meeting the business goals.

If you are looking for assistance in enterprise architecture and solution architecture, then request a quote from Technology Solutions Worldwide.