One of the new innovative products from Apple is not only underappreciated, but also not big on the tech radar. However, for the regular person that looses things, this nifty invention is a game changer. From pulling it out the box, it is ready to go as it seamlessly syncs with your iCloud and apple devices. If you are familiar with the “Find My” app on the iPhone or any Apple device, then you will see it populate and able to be located the same as you would your phone or your computer. The location accuracy is one to be reckoned with as it gives turn by turn or step by step ways on how to find and locate anything that was tagged with the device.

out of the box

Many users have found “out of the box” uses for this device such as tagging their car, their dog, even tagging their suitcases. The battery is easy to replace and can be found at any store selling a “watch” type of battery, which is a CR2032. The batter is designed to last a little over a year, so there is plenty of time for this device to utilized and tracking completed without having to worry about the battery dying. There are also several upgraded editions of the AirTag such as a Hermes edition which starts off at $449 per tag. However, for us regular users, the tag has a minimal cost of $29 for a single and $99 for a pack of four. This little device is simplistic, but very useful and effective to keep the rest of the world on their toes without the loss of valuable assets.

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