From teaching kids at home, to conference calls, and meetings all being done from the comfort of your home. America and the world has been setup to accommodate working and going to school from home as the COVID19 virus rampaged the entire world. Even now as variants go rampant in various other countries, the world is amidst its grand re-opening. Many schools are ending home schooling and are requiring children to come back to school in person. Some are skeptic over this push, but many are also welcoming this requirement.

From teaching kids at home

If you are not the person pre-COVID19 that had your life structured towards home schooling, then the whiplash of COVID19 and teaching your children was a culture shock. Many parents having to balance between work and care for their children until the nation finally shut down and no one was allowed to be out except essential workers. Parents all over were forced to have those conversations and sessions with their children to keep them informed from an education level. Teachers started classed remotely and students now had their classrooms from their bedroom. The change sparked many different variables as to the astute student which could adapt in any environment to the cries of the social butterflies which need the interactions of others in order to excel.

Teachers started classed remotely

Parents themselves were now pushed to make sacrifices with time. This means balancing out work meetings and being productive versus teaching their child/children the school work needed. Since it has been over a year since the pandemic has ravaged the world, many offices are coming back online. This means that the work from home era is coming to a close for many. For some it is now a way of life which is welcomed, but for others, it was a break from the norm. The now forced adjustments are being met with various reactions.

many offices are coming back online

Some people are antsy and ready to head back to the office to see coworkers and be able to interact. Others are ready to stay at home and continue with the work from home advantage. So lets weight in on the advantages and disadvantages of working from home versus the office. Both are still methods of working and getting objectives accomplished. However, they are very different in the way how it is done and the results.

ready to head back to the office to see coworkers

For the work from home crew, there is the advantages of saving gas, no parking fees, no need to order out for lunch, dry cleaning costs are cut, and time is saved by no time in traffic. For most people this would seem like a no brainer. You save money, no one gets to work late, plus you have the freedom to be in your home and multitask. This work from home initiative can be the best thing that ever happened to many that have experienced it and want more of it. Many people say that they are more productive without the influence of other coworkers looming over their shoulders or the time crunch as what was there in the office. Many are also able to spend more time with their children and family while they work.

coworkers looming
When it comes to the office, there are many benefits that come along with this approach. There is a human interaction between coworkers. You don’t have to pick up the phone or setup a meeting to get answers quickly. You can just go by the next cubicle or stop by their office while they are on a call. Files and folders which are on paper can easily be accessed. Meetings can be conducted in complete privacy without having to worry about other people overhearing confidential company topics and issues. Social butterflies can interact with coworkers and gain support and knowledge from one another including building healthy work relationships to get tasks done.

Depending on the person, work from home can be viewed as a prison. Going to the office can be viewed as a mundane and unnecessary task. The outlook on the two environments is depending on the person, their experiences, and their individual needs. As an organization, many are making adjustments and decisions that will affect their company for years to come as the war wages between work from home and going into the office continues.

Going to the office

No matter what your work circumstance may be, it is necessary that we all find that work-life balance that allows us to be comfortable and capable of expressing our true self while being able to work efficiently.

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